Front Range Training and Consulting LLC provides training and education for Enlisted Aides throughout the Department of Defense. Enlisted Aides are assigned to serve in a General Officer’s residence to create and maintain an environment suitable for that general to conduct official business. Their service provides the appropriate atmosphere for entertaining dignitaries and heads of state in order to secure those opportunities which may better provide for the security of our nation.

Enlisted Aides are authorized for the purpose of relieving general and flag officers of those minor tasks and details, which, if performed by the officers, would be at the expense of the officers primary military and official duties. The duties of the Enlisted Aide shall be concerned with tasks relating to the military and official responsibilities of the General Officers, to include assisting in discharging their official DoD social responsibilities in their assigned positions. The propriety of the duties is determined by the official purpose they serve rather than the nature of the duties.

-DoD Directive 1315.9

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April 3-14, 2017
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Enlisted Aide Training


  • This course far exceeded all expectations. I am walking away a more confident & more informed Enlisted Aide. Thankful now I know how to better serve my General Officer.

    Kerrigan Wofford
  • This class has been a great way to not only learn a lot of everyday applications but to open your eyes to a new way of thinking and attention to detail! Thank you!

    Brittani Fosdick
  • Best training I have gone to. The class was always interesting. We learned so many things that deal with our job directly.

  • If you are interest in maximizing your full potential as an Enlisted Aide, this is the course for you. You will graduate confident, motivated and ready to exceed all expectation that line your path.

    Patricia M. Rivera
  • I wish I would have attended this course sooner, great information, material and guidance. Thank you.

    Carolina Angelo
  • I am ready to go back to my current job and take the skills I learned and apply them so that my GO will also see the value of this course.

  • This class is a “must” for all enlisted aides & household managers!

    Mark Robinson
  • An outstanding course with valuable information and opportunities to network with other Enlisted Aides.

    Emily Popkoski
  • Jason King is an amazing instructor and the way he instructed only shows his passion and self-fulfillment in what he does, which resonates in others. Thank you again!

    Christopher L Morris, SSgt, USAF, CFACC Enlisted Aide

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